Admission NotificeNew

List of eligible Candidates for Visistacharya (M.Phil) Entrance Examination 2019 for Admission into Visistacharya couress 2020

Admission NoticeNew

Admission Notice for Vishistacharya(M-Phil) Courses 2020 (Vacant Seats)

Download Vishistacharya(M-Phil) Courses 2020 - Prospectus

Download Vishistacharya(M-Phil) Courses 2020 - Admission Form


Form Fillup for Shastri 1st Year Examination 2020

Form Fillup for Shastri 2nd Year Examination 2020

Programme for Shastri 3rd Year & Upashastri Examination, 2020

SHASTRI - Ist Year- Registration- 2019 admission batch

Admission Notice

Admission of Selected candidaes for Vishisthacharya (M.Phill) Courses 2020

Admission Notice

List of eligible candidaes for Vishisthacharya (M.Phill) Entrance examination - 2019 for admission into Vishistacharya(M-Phil) Courses 2020

Letter To Principals

Information about Sanskrit Colleges and Gradation List


Distribution of Memorandum of Marks of Shastri 1st Year Exam 2019


Register for registration Slip of Upashastri Course 2018-19

Office Order

Collection of Registration fee towards Examination Infrastructure Development Fund


Submissioon of ROM/ROI for Upashastri and Shastri Classes

PhD Registration Notice

Application form for VIDYAVARIDHI(Ph.D) Registration


Accademic Calender for 2019-20

Hostel Admission Notice

Gents Hostel Selction List for Acharya 1st year course 2019-20

Ladies Hostel Selection list for Acharya 1st year course 2019-20

Ladies Hostel Waiting list for Acharya 1st year course 2019-20

Examination Notice

Notice for Publication of Result for Upashastri Instant Examination, 2019


Walk-In-Interview for engagement of teaching faculty for Advaita Vedanta

Recruitment Notice

Advertisement for Appointment of Vice Chancellor of Shri Jagannath Sanskrit Vishvavidyalaya

Admission Notice

List of Provosionally Selected Candidates for different Acharya Courses 2019-2020

Examination Notice

Center List for Upa Shastri Instant Examination - 2019

Admission Notice

Counselling For Admission Into Shiksha Shaatra .BEd Courses 2019-2020

Examination Notice

Programme for Acharya 4th Semister Examination - 2019

Corrigendum Notice

Corrigendum for Admission into Acharya Courses 2019-2020

Examination Notice

Form Fillup of Upa Shastri Instant Examination - 2019

Result Notice

S.S.E.T Result 29019

Examination Notice

Center List For Annual Shastri- I Examination - 2019

Quotation Call Notice

Quotation call Notice for engagement of Driver for driving of University Vehicle

Valuation Notice

Notice for valuation of Shastri II year Exam 2019

Examination Notice

Annual Shastri- I Examination Programme - 2019

Admission Notice

Admission Notice for Acharya (M.A) 2019

Acharya (M.A) Prospectus 2019

Acharya (M.A) Admission Form

Anti Ragging Affidavit New

The Student seeking admission into Acharya / Visisthachrya courses are required to submit the affidavit in the prescribed proforma , duly filled in at the time of admission positively.

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