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Post Graduate Council


SpaceThe Chairman is the head of the P.G.Council and Head of the Departments are Ex-officio members. The important functions of P.G.Council are determination of general rules and policies in connection with teaching students discipline, selection and admission of students of P.G. students Award of free studentship, sponsoring students to participate in interstate competitions, admission of students to hostels etc.


Members of P.G Council

Sl No Name Desg
1 Prof.(Dr.)Satrughna Panigrahi Professor
2 Dr. G.Jayamanikya Shastri Asso.Professor
3 Dr. B.K.Mishra Asso. Professor
4 Dr. Paramba Yogamaya Asso. Professor
5 Dr. Priyabrata Mishra Asso. Professor
6 Dr. Pradipta Kumar Nanda Asso. Professor