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Vission And Mission

High quality teaching and research in the field of Shastras and extension of ancient Indian wisdom.

To empower the youth imparting skill-based education couched with ethical values.

To unravel the hitherto unexplored scientific, cultural and social treasure hidden in Manuscripts of the country in general and Odisha in particular.

To nurture young and talented human resources for the service of the society.

To develop professional competence and capability in students and faculties that will make the best use of their intrinsic potential.

To disseminate knowledge and play a vital role in socio-economic growth of the nation by inculcating ethical values.

To preach and preserve the ancient culture of the world through the Sanskrit Education for original Shastric Studies and research.

To conduct the researchers on Jagannath Cult and Philosophy.

To preserve the traditional methods of teaching-learning process.