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The Syndicate has to formulate policies for overall administration subject to the Provisions of the Act and the Statute. It sanctions budget to the University, Manages funds and Properties, prepares Annual Report and Annual Accounts to be submitted to the Senate along with the Audit Report, appoints members of the faculties and Board of Studies, Control examination by appointment of the examiner and publication of results , determines the academic standard and grants affiliation to colleges etc. It has to meet as and when required for smooth conduct of the business of the University: The Names of Syndicate Members are given in Appendix-II


Members of The Syndicate

1. Prof.Rabindra Kumar Panda , Vice Chancellor
2. Smt. Prativa Sahoo, OAS(S)

Joint Secretary to Govt. Higher Education, Odisha

3. Prof.Satrughna PanigrahiChairman , P.G.Council
4 Prof. Kartik Chandra Lenka Regional Director of Education of Higher Education Department , Unit- IX, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
5. Prof. Rashmi Mishra Professor of English (Retd), Apartment No. 505, 5th Floor , Rockpool Heights, Near KISS Campus-3, Patia,  Bhubaneswar.
6. Prof. G.Ganganna Former Principal, Central Sanskrit. University, Shree Sadashiva Campus, Puri , LIG-09 , Near Central School, Talabania, Puri
7. Sri Kishan Lal Agrawal Chairperson , Bharatiya Charitable Trust , Purusottam Vatika, Puri
8. Dr. Sahsibhusn Behera Associate Profrssor of Sanksrit (Retd), Flat No. 406 ,Bishal Enclave , Garrange Chhak, Old Town , Bhubaneswar-751002
9. Dr. Kumudini Mishra Retd. Medicine Specialist, Dist. Head Quarter Hospital, Puri At- Heragohiri Sahi,
10. Prof. G.S.V Dattatreya Murthy Professor, Department of Vyakarana,
11. Dr. G.Jayamanikya Shastri

Associate Professor, Department of Nyaya,

12. Smt. Sumitr Kumari Pattanaik, OAS(SAG)

Registrar, – Convenor