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Centre of Advance Research in Sanskrit (CARS)

SpaceThe Vishvavidyalaya is founded with a noble cause to protect, preserve and promote the ancient heritage and culture of Sanskrit literature. The primary objective of the Centre of Advance Research in Sanskrit (CARS) is to achieve outstanding research excellence.  There are three Research Officers, one clerk and one peon are working under the guidance of the Director-in-Charge of Research. The research activities and publication are funded out of the Vishvavidyalaya’s share of the Hundi interest, received from the Administrator of Shri Jagannath Temple. The provision for the payment of Hundi interest to the University has been amended since 2003-04. The Govt. in the Deptt. of Higher Education made a provision for release of Block grant @Rs. 15 lakh per annum to the University for running of the Research Centre. For the first time Govt. vide O.O. No. 11078 Dt. 12.3.2004 has released Rs. 15 lakhs to meet expenditure for running of the Centre of Advanced Research in Sanskrit for the financial year 2003-04. since the grant was received during the end of March 2004, the reference was made to the Govt. for clarification to utilise the same. The clarification from the Govt. is awaited.
SpaceA Research Journal “Jagannath Jyotih” is published and released on the foundation day i.e. 7th July of each year. The list research publications during the period is given in Appendix-XII.

SpaceThe Editorial Board of “The Jagannath Jyotih” is given in Appendix-XIII.



The objectives and activities of the Centre are:

  • To co-ordinate research and publication acitivies of various projects undertaken by the Centre/University.
  • To promote training and interdisciplinary research programmes.
  • To promote collaboration in reserarches with Indian Indological and oriental Institution/Department/Universities and such other bodies and those of foreign countries.
  • To preview and evaluate the progress of research by organising seminars/symposia and workshop, etc.
  • To organise extensiion lectures by eminent Indian and foreign scholars.
  • To undertake various projects from time to time as deem necessary.


    1. Inscriptions of the Temple of Puri & Origin of Shri Purusottama Jagannatha
    2. Bibliography on Lord Jagannatha
    3. Mahapurusa Vidya
    4. Nehuru & Indian Culture